What is the best Lamborghini color?


We all are Lamborghini fans here, and we do like to share and talk about various Lamborghini models and colors. We often have a quarrel during a convo over which color is actually best color for Lamborghini. Some time we are looking to buy a hot new Lamborghini but you know the most difficult thing is to choose between colors rather than models. Here we have a very comprehensive guide if you are facing a bit trouble in choosing which Lamborghini color will suit you most. We all can pick between ordinary colors like blue, green, yellow etc but choosing between unique shades is a bit harder to pick.

Best Lamborghini color – Gallardo, Murcielago, Huracan, Aventador:

There are whole lot of colors to choose between, but here are some cherry picked ones for you to decide between.

best lamborghini color

  1. Oro Elios metallic: This color resembles to peanut butter like shade, however, the lustrous look made it to shine like gold.
  2. Blu Le Mans: This color is perfecto! for blue shade lovers. It is very nice combination of blue and white, which reflects a shiny light blue pleasing to eyes tint.
  3. Rosso Bia: Rosso Bia is very vivid shade of Red, you can actually say cherry red. It is a nice pic if you are into cherry red.
  4. Marrone Apus: Marrone Apus is actually Matte shade. Well actually this color is bit sophisticated as it resembles grey,silver and black.
  5. Verde Ithaca metallic: This color is very much akin to parrot green with metallic finish. The color reflects too much sunlight you will see sparkling effect under direct sunlight.
  6. Celeste Phoebe: Oh well this one reflects shades of white and skyblue. Very good pick if you want something different.
  7. Arancio Borealis: Arancio Borealis matches a metallic ochre finish which looks very pleasing to eyes. It looks amazing with black windows and black stylish rims.
  8. Azzuro Thetis: Personally speaking I just love this shade. A unique blend of silver and sky blue.
  9. Blu Cepheus: Blu Cepheus is actually the most eye candy sky blue shade for me. With orange rims it looks hot. This color actually gives your car a unique visibility over other objects in a particular environment.
  10. Bianco Canopus: Bianco Canopus is actually reflects a Matt White finish. It’s a keen pick in case you loves white. Because Bianco Canopus > ordinary white.
  11. Titanium metallic: This shade is not so impressive in case you are metallic lover you can check it out.
  12. Chantilly Red: Chantilly Red is very bright shade of Red + Orange. It looks quite good if you are Red lover. As this color is very shiny so it is very susceptible to dust.
  13. Giallo Halys: If you are seeking for something in Yellow then your foremost pick will be this. Giallo Halys is neither over bright nor very dark rather most pleasing to eyes among yellow shade.
  14. Giallo Evros: If you want another shade in yellow then you can try Giallo Evros. It is like a golden yellow shade.
  15. Grigio Avlon Metallic: This one is super sparkling shade of silver, very eye candy for observers. Moreover, the metallic finish makes car to look more lustrous. You can say this color will turn your Lambo in to a complete silver jewelry.
  16. Verde Aries: Verde Aries is a dark shinny shade of sea green you can say. It is recommended if you want something nice in green.
  17. Verde Draco: This one is some what akin to military green. Personally speaking I am not a fan of Verde Draco.
  18. Verde Mic. 2CT: It is a shiny variant of light green. If you are seeking something in light green then this one is quite a good choice.
  19. White Pearl: White pearl is moderate pick in white. It looks stunning. I am very much into this color as it is not very much shiny. Overall you can say it a White Matte.
  20. Black Rage: Oh yes we won’t forget “BLACK”. This shade will make your Lambo to look like “Bat mobile”.

You guys can ask for more colors as per your taste.