Lamborghini Miura


Lamborghini miura also known as P400SV. Lamborghini miura was introduced in 1971. Later on the company updated the Miura S to Miura SV one of the best and famous version of Miura. The Miura SV rarest and also this version was produced in smaller quantity than the previous one. The features of Miura SV were extensive drivetrain and chassis upgrades which enhanced both the handling and out put of the car. Because of oil crisis and less demand the company had to stop the production of this model in 1973. In this year the company launched Urraco. Miura and Urraco both have sports engine V-8 engines. In the year 1974 the company replace Miura and it was a vehicle on which a company was working from 1970. When the production of this car stopped Ferruccio  the  main share holder of lamborghini sold his shares. About this their was a statement that he had achieved everything which he want to be in Miura.

Lamborghini Miura

One of the main important thing which the company changed in Miura outside was rear fenders, which were ultimately wider than the Miura S. this work was assigned to Marcello Gandini to add more rear suspension for this the length of 1.5 inches was increased. This modification enables the Miura to add wider tires. Its wheels were also new from the last version. It contains magnesium rims which were wrapped in in Pirelli Cinturato rubber. Because of its locking  glove box, rear body sections, power windows, makes the Miura a very good vehicle and these features become unchange able for the whole time and the demand of this car remain very high but due to some crises the company have to stop its production.

Its other features include:

Height 1100 MM
Width 1780 MM
Length 4,390 MM
Wheelbase 2,505 MM