Lamborghini Espada


Lamborghini espads was built by a an italian company lamborghini between 1968 and 1978.

Lamborghini Espada


Lamborghini espada was designed at Bertone by Marcello Gandini. Lamborghini espada is a four seater car with the amazing functions of 2+2 400GT and miura. Company made 1217 vehicles of this model. Espada was a very advance and a successful model until the development and expansion of countach prodution of sports cars in the year 1980s.

The company named this car Espada because it means “sword” in spanish language. This name “sword” was given to the car reffering to the sword which was used by the Torero to a bull in Corrida.

The vehicle underwent several changes during its ten years of production. Three different series of espada were produced. Following are the series of espada:

  • S1 between the year of 1968 to 1970.
  • S2 between the year of 1970 to 1972.
  • S3 between the year of 1972 to 1978.

In these models the interior were compeletely redesigned while a little were different in their exterior designs.

Series 1:

In Geneva Motor Show the series 1 of espada was launched in the year of 1968. Its designed was similar to that of Marzal Concept car. Like the miura its wheels were campagnolo alloys. Its tail lights are like the first series. 186 cars were made of this series before january 1970.

Series 2:

Lamborhghini introduced espada s2 at Brussels Motor Show in the year 1970. Its outside just a little change of deletion of grille which was used to cover the vertical glass tail panel. But inside they made a lot of changes.

Series 3:

This series of lamborghini espada was introduced in 1972. It contains a engine of 3.9 L V12. Many peoples think that these series were not same but actually these are the kinds of a single series.