Lamborghini 400 GT


Lamborghini 400 GT has 320 hp, 3,929 cc 60-degree DOHC V-12 engine. It has gearbox of  five-speed has unequal length wish bones and also contains independent rear and front suspension. It contain coil springs, four wheel girling disc and wheel base of 2550mm.

Only 247 cars of this model was produced. It is a larger version of 350 and 400 GT it was named as 2+2 it contain more rear seat and it has more overall interior space. The main aim behind the lamborghini 2+2 was to make it user friendly. For this purpose they employed some of the best to create it.

Franco Scaglione designed the first 350 prototype. Carrozzeria Touring highly modified the design to make it more efficient. When 120 cars were made by the company the car model was revised. One of the major difference between lamborghini 350 and lamborghini 400 is paired highlights. But there are also more features which ultimately makes the four seater an entirely new car.

Lamborghini 400 GT

This new model contains two set of seats which was not present in the old model. Touring add some new features without losing the old properties of the origional design. For this he keep the exact wind screen and lowered the floor pan of it and design the entire body a little taller. The bigger height of it comes from the higher beltline and this makes the 400 GT taller and bigger while examining the space from top front wheel to its body arch.

400 Gt was 2.6 inches taller than 350 GT.  The other differences between 350 GT and 400 GT includes the rear control arms and reshaping the rear windows. It contains single filler fuel system. In 350 GT dual filler were present so in this model they replace it.