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We all like to beautify our display screens with various stunning wallpapers as per our personal taste and preferences. Some among us are animal lovers and want to see monitor or smart phone display to give a glance of wild life. Girls be like oh yeah! fairy, pink color, Rapunzel etc etc. as wallpaper LOL! (Just kidding). But car lovers like us, always looking to put a damn good ultra mod car as a wallpaper.

Here we have a plenty of Lamborghini wallpapers HD if you are car lover. Not just this but awe have also explained a tad bit of history for your G.K.

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A quick overview to history:

Ferruccio picked up a Ferrari 250GT, which he took in to be inspected at the Ferrari Maranello HQ after realizing that the clutch was similar to the one being employed on his own production line. He politely asked to Enzo Ferrari for a alternate the part, who responded “You’re just a crazy tractor maker, how could you know any-thing about modern sports cars ?” There we go, Ferruccio topped off with rage, he spit on the floor, and really this was the key motivation to manufacture its artful culmination sports car.

He initiated arranging out this mission in final quarter of 1962, then by May 1963 he had finished his fantasy ‘Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini’, gaining an extensive immense lump of area in little Italian town named Sant’Agata Bolognese, pretty nearly 25 kilometers from Bologna, to develop an entire new huge and ultramodern manufacturing facility, he was seeing his fantasy i.e. ultra top of the line sports car appeared to come up true soon.

So the first Lamborghini developed soon, Lamborghini 350 GTV the first ever Lamborghini was there. It was similar to Ferruccio’s dream come true, his diligent work, his dedication towards this project lead it to achievement. It is worth to say all credit goes to Enzio Ferrari for motivating Ferruccio Lamborghini LOL.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD (350 GTV): 

The 350 GTV despite the fact that was the world’s first Lambo, and without a doubt, yet when the Lamborghini 350 GTV was at first showcased at the Turin Auto Show it was not really settled, so they embedded  a handful of bricks exactly where the heart of the car like, powerful engine ought to have been available and kept the hood exchanged off the whole case.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini 400 GT: 

Shortly after the accomplishment of 350 GTV a successor was they named as Lamborghini 400 GT. Lamborghini 400 GT was really based on the two-seater frame work, which has been later become the 400 GT 2+2 comprises two seats behind the 2 regular ones found on the foremost 400 GT and 400 GT remained in production from 1965-1968.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Miura:

In 1966 Lamborghini Miura was showcased in Geneva Motor Show. The first class Miura ruled unparalleled at the Motor Show in Geneva. Miura came to the billows of achievement celebrated VIPs of that time, for example, Majesty Saudi King Fahd, Prince Faisal and popular American singer of that time Frank Sinatra used to drive Miuras.

Presently an extraordinary minute comes into play, the ideal Lamborghini of that time clearly the Miura was obtain its racing edition. Lamborghini Miura Jota was born. Lamborghini Miura Jota got an boosted V12 motor turned up to 440 hp that was around 90 hp all the more rather than the first Miura. Jota offered an amazing performance on racing tracks. The Miura Jota’s acceleration was enormous, 0-100 KM/h in just 3.6 seconds and its amazing!.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Jota SV:

In 1971 a fresher bro of Jota which was Jota SV was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show of that specific year, but it wasn’t succeeded to attain the popularity and the company stop making them after few years.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Espada:

At last his dream was comes true after introducing its masterpiece Lamborghini Espada and it dominated all over the market.

The Espada (which means Sword) was constructed to renew the emptiness in Lamborghini’s product scope of a legitimate 4 seater. Whilst the Miura had effectively caught the planet off guard, sharp, strong, and comfortable grand tourer was as per Ferruccio Lamborghini’s thoughts and sports car appetite.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Gallardo:

It seems that really the Gallardo has been around us everlastingly, on the grounds that it is still a wow super car, it does not look out dated, and in addition being still the darling of various car mates. Without the “baby Lambo,” the Elite car manufacturer would likely have recognized bankruptcy sooner or later back, so we are greatly happy for its presence.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Diablo:

The Lamborghini Diablo (which means Devil) was the super car for anybody in their ’20s. 3 years after the creation of Lamborghini Diablo the legend Ferruccio Lamborghini gone for continually, deserting an unmatched Automobile creator.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Countach:

The Countach (which is an outcry after seeing a delightful lady) stood firm amid the company’s horrid time. It stayed on creation line for around 16 years, most by any Lamborghini.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Aventador:

In 2011 Lamborghini introduced its new flagship Lamborghini Aventador at Geneva Motor Show, the Aventador is the successor of Lamborghini Murceilago. An aggregate of 3628 units of Aventador are created till now including each modified version form which is around a Quarter of the aggregate Gallarado units delivered.

Lamborghini Aventador is just the most extravagant result of the company in light of its novel plan as well as of its monstrous 690 hp V12 engine turned @ 8200 RPM.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Veneno:

Lamborghini Veneno is the most costly sports car in the whole world till now with a price tag of $4.5 Million. Really it is 50th anniversary edition of Lamborghini Aventador. Its Engine raw power of Veneno is expanded from 690 hp to huge 740 hp.

Lamborghini wallpapers HD Lamborghini Huracan:

In 2014 the company had introduced its new sports car named as Lamborghini Huracan, which was the successor of previous luxury known as by the name of Lamborghini Gallardo with a a 5.2 Liters V10 engine which is quite impressive.