Damaged Lamborghini for sale


We all love sports car, specially you and I the reader of this sites are mostly devoted towards ultra mod Automobile brand i.e. Lamborghini. Lamborghini cars have their very own charm, way different from others, a unique elegance reflecting from their aerodynamic chassis. Moreover, the unique naming of Lambo products based on fighting bull breeds is just amazing. Unluckily not most of us are that rich to get their hands on a new Lambo. So alternate to this is just simply buy used Lamborghini in tip top condition or one with slight wear and tear.

Damaged Lamborghini for sale how to get one?

You can easily find a handful of dealers in United States as well as in Europe too. In Asia it is a bit tough though, specifically talking about Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India etc etc. So in these regions you may need to import Lamborghinis which will cost you almost 1.5x more than original value, because shipping cost, taxes from where the car is dispatched and you have to pay taxes again in your home country, custom duty and permit and lot of other stuff, collectively it will gave your wallet a heart attack.

As aforementioned you can buy used Lamborghini (you can read our guide to help you more about it). But there is another thing which is that if you can’t afford a brand new Lamborghini you can buy a damaged one. In case you are at online automobile auctions to purchase a damaged Lamborghini and it is a wonderful chance to get a late model or luxury car at a small fraction of the original out of the assembly price tag. Perhaps it is with salvage label to restoring it up. But if you examine buying a sports car in damaged condition and auto wrecks you will save significant costs for auto parts. You ought to keep in mind that many of these salvaged cars can be completely new and have been harmed or affected as a consequence of natural disasters like fires, floods and typhoons. So nice chance to drive a new Lamborghini, but after getting it repaired LOL!. 

damaged Lamborghini for sale

Now the big question, how to actually find out a damaged Lamborghini for sale? Well it’s a bit difficult task to find a damaged Lamborghini, because owners usually keep their Lambos in tip top condition. However, as aforementioned road accidents and disasters ……. So the best of all is to look for an auction, because mostly you can find a damaged car  in an auction. Moreover, you can check out olx.

There are few sites though where you can find damaged Lamborghini for sale, yeah! Google it because it is very rare. But here are few.

  1. Autobidmaster 
  2. Ready to fix.
  3. Wrecked Exotic.
  4. Karmena.
  5. Autosource Biz.
*Note we are not responsible of any damage caused by above websites (if any).

Well! after finding a damaged Lamborghini for sale, then you have to find a AutoMobile repair center too. Just to make your car look new again. Well in almost every damaged Lamborghini you will find its engine running fine and chassis too, you just need to fix up dents on bodies or missing accessories, which will cost you not just a fraction of actual price tag (depends upon damage).

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